Zen Training has ratings and 39 reviews. Nick said: If you can get past the irony of learning about ineffable Zen teachings from a book, this is a ve. Zen training. BQ. S # Sekida, Katsuki, ^,t«„„«v.^. Zen training: methods and philosophy. / Katsuki Sekida ; edited, with an. Zen Training is a comprehensive handbook for zazen, seated meditation practice , and an authoritative presentation of the Zen path. The book marked a turning.

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Brightly Raise kids who love kafsuki zen training katsuki sekida. Methods and Philosophy Katsuki Sekida Shambhala PublicationsSep 13, – Religion – pages 2 Reviews Zen Training is a comprehensive handbook for zazenseated meditation practice, and an authoritative presentation of the Zen path.

Read it Forward Read it first.

Zen Training by Katsuki Sekida |

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Other editions – View all Zen training: Everything that Sekida explains about the long-term results of meditation, from off-sensation which Sekida describes wonderfully on to positive and absolute samadhi, I can verify that all katskui it is correct.

In general, I’m a hit-and-run athlete. I’ve done hapkido, snorkling, zen training katsuki sekida sea fishing, karate, rockwall climbing, horseback riding, parasailing, hiking, etc.

Zen Throw Down: ‘Zen Training’ by Katsuki Sekida

I’m not much of a fan of dogmatic ritual in Zen either; it seems counterproductive in the extreme. The book can be very dry and difficult to read at times. It’s one of latsuki few that tells you specifically what to expect and what to do in zen training katsuki sekida or sitting meditation, which is where it all begins.

First published inZen Training zen training katsuki sekida become a classic of Zen literature. Zen and the Brain by Austin and Meditative Mind by Goleman cover some of the same trainning, but each book has little different viewpoint.


It is truly objective as well, so much information, and so much possibility to learn from this book. We are also endeavoring to continue creating lineage charts for all Zen training katsuki sekida Zen lines, doing our own small part in advancing historical documentation on this fabulous import of an ancient tradition. Not so much a philosophical book as a manual, it goes into detail on the topics of zazen, breathing, kensho, and the different phases of zen training.

Be warned — this is not a beach read. A useful and practical introduction to Zen. The aim of zazen is seen not as the achievement of such experiences as satori or kensho but as the attainment of absolute samadhi, that condition of utters stillness in which thought is cut off, the mind is empty, yet one is in a state of extreme wakefulness and awareness.

Zen training katsuki sekida learn how zen training katsuki sekida listen to your body, while managing your mind and stress. The author combines instruction for zazen, personal stories, passages from zen masters and much inspiration into a classic. Thanks for your comment! Lots of information, though, so I need to read it many more times before it sinks in.

Zen Training

Also, this book has charts and tables and all kinds of analytical tools for people like me who really thrive on that kind of presentation of material. It’s taken me months zen training katsuki sekida read this book, which is highly unusual for me. Also, the description of breathing could have been better, using more pics and words. Kztsuki got a copy of this book years ago and, while it made interesting reading at the time, it didn’t lead to any sustained practice. Again, the reader is told zen training katsuki sekida actually to deal with koans and how they operate as catalysts of enlightenment.


A fascinating text, but it is highly technical and so makes for pretty dry reading in some chapters. The theorising on the nature of cognition and consciousness zen training katsuki sekida also very interesting to me and surprisingly some bits aren’t too far off from what I’ve read in recent books and papers on the topic. From that angle, the new age flavor of Zen must muddy the waters in a way that goes beyond mere opinions and preferences.

As zej who already practice know, any time you set aside to simply breathe deeply and center yourself is incredibly valuable, and should never be regarded as the “right way” or zen training katsuki sekida “wrong way”.

But now, returning to the book after a year and a half of steady zazen, I find it an excellent “explainer” for many things I have experienced in sitting. It was a heavy read, at times plodding – and yet I’m glad to have had the chance to read it. Admittedly, it is a bit zen training katsuki sekida in natu Great book if you zen training katsuki sekida to get more out sekira your meditations.

It is truly objective as well, so much info The book is absolutely amazing. Personally it has taken me a few reads to fully understand the technical zen training katsuki sekida. See it for yourself. Too many schools get traning to the forms and traditions, or to the teachers ideas of what constitutes proper Zen practice.

I’m also a migrant creative and have expressed myself through painting done shows and sold stuff!