What do you know about him, and especially about his book, The Latent Power of the SouL? Answer: Watchman Nee’s writings, in my opinion, tend toward. The Latent Power of the. Soul. WATCHMAN NEE. Christian Fellowship Publishers, Inc. . between two worlds, belonging to both, the soul had the power of. However, these phenomena all come from the latent power of the soul after Adam’s fall. We Christians must be very careful in this last age. We must not.

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Dave Scott rated it it was amazing Dec 23, This is something we barely deal with unfortunately in North America so the thinking is foreign to us. When Moslems pray, how do they pray? Oct 04, Eli rated it did not like it.

VW: Watchman Nee – “Latent Power of the Soul”

Reading this book therefore gives much knowledge and revelation to every believer seeking to walk blamelessly and in purity with God. Though I am not a prophet, I have studied the prophetic books.

Don’t laent with some statements such as animals are so base and “mere flesh”, science and scripture have already proven otherwise. Both of us have names that existed before, but Adam made names from scratch, something few people can manage to do even for one or two children!


He is blinding the eyes of men’s hearts and causing religious people to believe in his bloodless religion through the wonder of the soulish power. We will speak on the rest of the subject next time.

Satan is now utilizing the power of the soul to replace the gospel of God and powr power of the gospel. While condemning its use, Nee agrees with the claim of today’s New Agers and parapsychologists that human potential is infinite. Only then will watchman nee latent power soul be protected.

My summary of Nee’s comments in this book: I have spoken before on the salvation of the soul, but I have never mentioned what I am mentioning here.

As God’s children we must know the difference between the spirit and soul. I watchman nee latent power soul this book! Apart from You I am truly helpless and hopeless.

The Latent Power of the Soul by Watchman Nee

When they walk on fire, it is watchman nee latent power soul for just a few steps, but for quite a long distance. Today we should exercise watchman nee latent power soul faculties, such as our mind, emotion, and will, to work. I don’t think his statements are that shocking or that speculative. You have released your psychic force to perform this act.

Slul is utilizing science psychology, psychiatryreligions, and some ignorant churches which inordinately pursue supernatural manifestations and manipulate supernatural gifts in an unscriptural way to saturate this world with the power of darkness.


Latent Power of the Soul by Watchman Nee

Whenever we see or hear of any works of wonders, we should ask, “Was this done by God or by the enemy? Powef, the Church of Christ, Scientist, has nothing to do with Christianity or with science.

The rank values are relative to each other. Siul them there are some which are very supernatural and watchman nee latent power soul. We cannot say that the works of wonders that others perform are all counterfeits; I admit that many of them are real. He also named all the animals of the earth.

The admonished death to sooul is actually trusting in the LORD and not leaning on our own understanding. I don’t deny that the supernatural is prevalent in other parts of the world.

The Latent Power of the Soul

Powe step they tread is on red-hot iron; yet, they are not hurt. This is simply Satan’s preparation for the manifestation of Antichrist at the end of the world. This seems to apply well to revivals, faith healers, and even the true tasks of prayer, joyfulness, and evangelism. The soul is useless.