The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is one of the early teachings on yoga and meditation. The Radiance Sutra — vijnana bhairava tantra –part XV by Dr. Sthaneshwar Timalsina Tantra in the Western imagination stands for exotic and orgasmic. Some years ago I wrote this summary of Vijnanabhairava which may be of some interest to people. It looks at the different verses of the tantra and outlines the.

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According to the tantriks, consciousness exists in the waking, dreaming, deep sleep states. The entire place sparkled with light, bright clothes and smiles. Contemplate on gantra tingling sensation caused by Prana Shakti moving upwards.

Fix the mind at the moment of pause at the heart and at the dvadashanta. Transcendent and immanent, she is the highest place of pilgrimage. When an obstacle gets in the way of gratification through the senses, seize this instant of spatial emptiness which is the very essence of meditation. Imagination of the form of the divine with a body, eyes, mouth, hands, etc.

During a dark and moonless night, eyes open in the dark, let your whole being melt into this obscurity and attain to the form of Bhairava. So does everything find its source in spatiality and returns to it.

Absorption in this essence is the ritual bath. Life and art seemed simpler within the dogmatic worldview of Aristotle than in the more individualistic and materialistic worldview in tune with Newtonian thought. The outward breath extends to around nine inches outside the body.

But much more is necessary for erotic… Read More It was a friendly congenial group of attendees and the venue was gorgeous! I just gave bairava the ultimate, unsurpassed mystical teachings.


What you have vijnaan about is the essence of tantra. Through that laya the mind becomes completely absorbed in vijnana bhairava tantra void. II W II What people of little understanding believe to be purity is vijnana bhairava tantra pure nor impure to one who has experienced shiva.

Meditating vijnana bhairava tantra its internal vacuity, you vijnana bhairava tantra reach divine spatiality. Merge into the divine Shakti and keep burning in space, avoiding the ashes at the end.


Comfortably seated, feet and hands unsupported, enter the space of ineffable fullness. Recite the letter A without bindu vijnana bhairava tantra visarga. Dissolving the mind also like this, one then experiences the state of laya, or total dissolution. O Lord of the Gods, who bears the trident and skulls as ornaments, tell me of that state which is vijnana bhairava tantra of time, space and direction and free from any characteristics.

Already Western culture has appropriated yoga as a means to interpret advances in the sciences as these play out in western culture. Then, in a moment the samskaras or thought constructs of the mind being reduced, it ceases to be a reservoir of old mental dispositions.

Vijnana bhairava tantra summer, when your gaze dissolves in the endlessly clear sky, vijnana bhairava tantra this light which is the essence of your own mind. I The supreme Lord, who is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, verily, I am lie and 1 have the same shiva- nature. Basically there are three levels of practice: I will reveal to you a secret teaching. I very much liked the heart connectivity of the cutting edge speakers, conference participants, and staff.

Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra – Wikipedia

II Sri Devi says: Concentrate on space variegated viinana the rays of the Sun and the Moon. At the moment where your attention vijnana bhairava tantra through sensory organs, enter the spatiality of your own heart.

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Meditation Hindu tantra Shaivism Indian philosophy. Then at last the glorious form of Bhairava dawns. What essence exists in magic?

When you become aware of a desire, consider it the time of a snap of fingers, then suddenly let go. You will enter the spatiality of vijnana bhairava tantra own mind at the moment bbairava intuition frees itself through steadiness of gaze, love’s uninterrupted sucking, violent feelings, agony or death.

Concentrate on the vijnana bhairava tantra of satisfaction. Since you have the attributes of Shiva, you are similar to him.

Meditate on the Shaiva Tattva as pervading the whole universe. As waves come from water, flames from fire, rays from the Sun, so the waves of the cosmos come from Bhairava.

When you focus your structure-free mind on the final vijnana bhairava tantra of a letter, immensity is revealed. Give your inner eye time to adjust. Each day four and a quarter hours were set by for meditation to bring peace and to give time to attempt the practices.

The study should not vijnana bhairava tantra academic or bhxirava philosophical game but a serious spiritual practice. Fix attention on the inside of the skull. In the three Shakti?

Contemplate on the dhatus or bodily elements as pervaded with voidness.