Preview Toshiba Telephone DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User’s Manual Online and Download PDF Manuals & Instructions for FREE from. Download Toshiba DKTSD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User’s Manual to your computer. Download free PDF user manuals for Toshiba DKTSD. 1 Feb No part of this manual, covered by the copyrights Strata is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation. .. DKTSD Telephone. Msg.

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Toshiba DKT3220-SD – Digital Phone – Charcoal User Manual

Door Phone s Advanced Speed Dial Operation Led Indicator Details From the Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual Setting window manjal righttype in button labels eight characters max. From the Options screen, press the Weather soft key to check the weather of a location.

From the Options screen, press the Weather soft key toshiba dkt sd manual check the weather of a location. Call Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual Advanced Operation Call Recording Call Recording While on an active call, a station user can record the conversation and store it in a Stratagy voice mailbox.


The messages can be up to 16 characters long. When you are on an outside call, the call duration displays.

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Your telephone can also be programmed to block Executive Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual from other telephones. Your LCD shows the line on hold. Other Voice Mail Features Call Forward Examples Voice Mail – Return Call The first screen is Stock Quote.

Account Codes are assigned in the system as a fixed length default is six digits and are recorded by the system, along with the details of the calls, which can be printed on a Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual Message Detail Recording SMDR report. Automatic Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual can also place you in queue for an available outside line, if you reach toshiba dkt sd manual line group in which all lines toshiba dkt sd manual otshiba.

Toshiba DKTSD | User Manual

The following table defines Soft Key Prompts. To stop recording, press. This feature enables participants in a conference to listen to xkt3220 leave a voice mail message during one telephone call.

Buttons This toshiba dkt3220 sd manual has Fixed buttons, Navigation buttons, eight flexible buttons and 16 soft key buttons.


While on a call, press. User Programming Mode This allows selected users to override restrictions that are placed on any telephone in the system. Select a State shown right. If the system is set for Verified Account Codes, station users must enter a specific code when entering the Voluntary Account Code s or the code is not validated for the SMDR toshiba dkt3220 sd manual report.


Call Forward Categories Toshiba dkt3220 sd manual you normally a dial line access code such as Example: Direct Station Selection Buttons hotline Using these soft keys, you can tab left to right from Phone, Config and Web and vice versa.

Background Music Advanced Operation Background Music Background Mankal You can set background music over your telephone speaker or toshiba dkt3220 sd manual external speakers. Important – Read First When originating a call in DND mode, you will hear a short burst of interrupted dial tone followed by continuous dial tone. Door Lock s Page of Go.

Got it, continue to print. The call is placed in the list sdd with the number, name if providedtime and date of the call, and status of the call answered, abandoned, or redirected.