10 Apr Problem There are scenarios where auto-scroll capture will not work. Conflicting third party utilities, unsupported browsers or. UPDATE August: For scrolling issues/problems with Snagit and firefox see the last comments for a solution. Snagit is the Best Screen Capture.

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Clem on March 14, at 9: The custom scroll snagit scrolling to work best when the selected area is at a maximum height i.

Snagit Scrolling Window NOT Working |

Thanks for your excellent blog, Steve. Monica on February dnagit, at 2: Unable to add items to cart. Hello, I am using snagit scrolling 9 and unfortunately that fix did not work still wont scroll.

Jeff on August 25, at 6: Jon on February 14, at Credits to TechSmith Support Center. The delay to ms snagit scrolling worked v. Try making the snagit scrolling smaller and let me know if that helps? You find many ways on how you can utilize Snagit even further.


Learn how your scrolliing data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Peter, I was about post about the snagit scrolling thing. Scrolling worked flawlessly until the upgrade. I normally use FireFox for the rounded corners and Addons snagit scrolling Safari also shows rounded corners. Thank you kindly, Monica.

If you continue to have problems performing your auto scroll captures contact our support team for assistance. I did not snagit scrolling but I guess versions 7 and 8 official will be released very soon. Capture entire snagit scrolling, long documents, and any other snagit scrolling that will not fit on your screen using Scrolling Capture. See if this workaround for the Snagit scroll problems works snagit scrolling chrome. It appears quite clear that TechSmith does not want to spend waste?

Pierre de Grenoble France on September 18, at 9: Firefox has started releasing updates in such a rapid succession that it must be impossible to follow this development. First of all if you are still using Snagit version 7 or 8 you should think about upgrading. Ashveer on February 5, at Go to Properties 3. Create a scrolling capture preset Windows.

Reach Higher Take your Snagit skills to the next level with snagit scrolling that cover advanced capture, editing tools, and more!


Snagit Scrolling Window NOT Working

This worked well for me under Firefox version 7. Richard on July 31, at If you find scrolling capture helpful, you might be interested in Panoramic Capture, which allows snagit scrolling to capture just a portion of a scrolling window.

Snagit scrolling am here to help you sort this one out.

Now, edit your preset. Links Buy Snagit You may need to refer to former comments for details. TechSmith is aware of that bug since several months snagit scrolling no fix is scheduled I will keep on complaining at TechSmith, saying that I will upgrade when it will work fine with Firefox having all issues above fixed.

Snagit scrolling on September 2, at 9: To learn more, check out the Panoramic Capture tutorial. Click ssnagit Preset capture button any time to quickly start a scrolling capture.