Your browser appears to be missing a PDF reader plugin. You can download Adobe Reader or just download the Samsung TL Digital Camera User Manual. 15 Jul Samsung TL review, find out how the TL stacks up against the on your subject being all that’s needed to manually set the focus point. 26 Feb Free Download Samsung TL PDF User Manual, User Guide, Instructions, Samsung TL Owner’s Manual. Samsung TL DualView.

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DC power input 4.

Icons Icons The icons displayed will change according to the mode you select or the options you set. In Shooting or Playback mmanual, select Select.

In these cases, you can adjust the exposure to get a better photo. The subject’s eyes appear red.

Samsung TL225 digital camera Manual(PDF)

The Samsung TL comes with a 3. Focus and exposure will samsung tl225 manual adjusted automatically. Auto is simply that and the Samsung TL will not make anything but basic adjustments.

Want help right away? Detecting eye blinking If your camera detects closed eyes, it will automatically take 2 swmsung in succession. Turn on your camera. Luke, our lab tech, had difficulty samsung tl225 manual the front screen off using taps and had problems accessing icons while the camera was on a tripod.

Shooting options Learn about the options you can set in Shooting mode. Health and safety information Use only Samsung-approved accessories Using incompatible accessories may damage your camera, cause injury, or void samsung tl225 manual warranty.


While holding this with your thumb, you tip samsung tl225 manual camera forward and icons show that if you do that, you’ll engage the Movie mode.

Recording voice memos Learn how to record a voice memo that you can play back at any time. To manhal the manual completely, please, download it. When you’re in Smart Auto you can’t turn on the samsung tl225 manual screen via the touch menu–you have samsung tl225 manual tap tp225 front.

Power comes courtesy of a proprietary SLBA lithium-ion rechargeable battery. How would sameung like to contact us? Already have a Samsung Account? When you’re in Program by tapping the set-up icon on the lower left you can turn on the front LCD and for some reason it shows one of the icons Flash there.

Samsung TL225 Camera User Manual, Instruction Manual, User Guide (PDF)

Hello Here is a great tip explaining where you will be able to find and download an updated PDF version tl2255 this manual. Deactivate samsung tl225 manual OIS function.

Optical zoom is also supported during movies, though audio recording is muted while zooming. Once you make your choice there’s an “up” arrow on the lower level of the screen. Personal preference will come into play here, as to whether you prefer warmer tones or more accurate, yet slightly cooler color.

Click samsung tl225 manual tl252 9. Purchasing a spare samsung tl225 manual makes sense given the drain from the two LCD screens.

Samsung TL Review and Specs

The Samsung DualView TL has the ability tll225 record standard or high-definition movies with sound at 30 frames per second in H. Page 93 Set an assistant light to help you focus in dark mamual. You simply tap the front screen to turn samsung tl225 manual on, aim it toward yourself and frame your shot. Add an Image from a Web Address: You can also inform your subject to pose for a photo.

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Camera maintenance Cleaning your camera Camera lens and touch screen Use samsung tl225 manual blower brush to remove dust and wipe the lens gently with a soft cloth.

The ring surrounding the lens has a silver metallic finish. Focus frame Reducing camera shake Make sure nothing is blocking the lens.

Download Samsung TL PDF User Manual Guide

For details, select Menu Help in the program. Tap this and a submenu appears, showing the options for that mode. The samsung tl225 manual display is also significantly smaller and lower resolution, at just 1.

The Samsung TL’s lens ranges from 27mm – mm equivalent, a generous wide-angle to a moderate telephoto. Camera layout Before you start, familiarise yourself with your camera’s parts and their functions. Face Detection, Using Face Detection, Detecting Faces Using face detection If you use face detection options, your camera can automatically detect a human face. Use higher ISO in darker conditions. Page Before contacting a service center Suggested remedies Situation If you use your camera at very low samsung tl225 manual, it may cause the camera screen to malfunction or samsung tl225 manual.