Translator’s Introduction The Scripture on the Explication of Underlying Meaning ( Samdhinirmocana-sutra) is a foundational text in the development of Yogacara. The Samdhinirmocana Sutra is one of the Buddha’s core teachings on the nature consciousness. It reads almost like a textbook on awareness and the. The Saṃdhinirmocana Sūtra (Sanskrit; traditional Chinese: 解深密經; pinyin: Jiě Shēnmì Jīng; Tibetan: “དགོངས་པ་ངེས་འགྲེལ༏, or the “Sūtra of the Explanation.

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The earliest forms of the text may date from as early as the 1st or 2nd Century CE.

Though Wisdom of Buddha contains samdhinirmocana sutra sixty pages of notes and is much enhanced by themthe text itself is practically readable without them. First among these might be the idea that translations are made for the purpose of ensuring samdhinirmocana sutra of the sutras themselves; while this was true centuries ago, it no longer is.

Samdhinirmochana Sutra

Powers, who is also the author of Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, surely understands this as well as anyone. And it is also my hope that translators with as much ability as Powers or Cleary will become bold enough to make commentaries of their own, and not just rely on what has been handed to us by tradition. Other samdhinirmocana sutra believe that the samdhinirmocana sutra fragmentary nature samdhinirmocana sutra the early versions of the scripture may represent piecemeal attempts at translation, rather than a composite origin for the text itself.

With a potential readership in the tens of millions, one must wonder why this fascinating discourse of the Samdhinirmocana sutra samdhinigmocana gone largely unread in the West.

In chapter six, for example, he samdhinirmocana sutra us with a very smooth rendition of a paragraph that contains several difficult concepts: It is my hope that there will be more to come. Powers has a very good eye for sequence and sugra his translation consistently makes the samdhinirmocana sutra presented in the text clear to anyone who is willing to spend the time studying it.

Sandhinirmocana Sutra – Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

Samdhinirmocana sutra final chapter is a discussion on the nature of a Buddha. For example, in the same way as samdhinirmocana sutra very clear crystal is mistaken for a precious substance such as a sapphire, a mahanila, a ruby, an emerald, or gold, see how the other-dependent character is apprehended as the imputational character. Who better to interpret at least parts of it than the translator himself? From Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. Powers chooses words well; difficult passages are almost always rendered into a very readable English that is at once both clear and precise.


This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat The chapter nine is devoted to samdhinirmocana sutra discussion of the Bodhisattva Path. L’explication des Mysteres, page Phrases like “the other-dependent character comes in contact with the predispositions for samdhinirmocana sutra designations that samdhinirmocana sutra the imputational character” are fine translations, but I suspect that most readers would appreciate hearing from Powers what that phrase means to him.

Published by Shambala Publications, Inc. It also was translated into Tibetan. All information on this website is samdhinirmocana sutra only for non-profit educational purposes. I wonder if he would not agree that Wisdom of Buddha samdhinirmocana sutra benefit by having more of his own commentary added to it? Articles containing Chinese-language samdhinirmocana sutra Articles containing Tibetan-language text All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links samdhinirmocana sutra January Articles with dead external links from February In his introduction, Powers says that the Wisdom of Buddha “is intended as a basis for meditative practice,” and samdhinirmocana sutra guide to training for enlightenment” He also says that “careful and sustained study” are necessary to “reveal samdhinirmocana sutra full depth and scope of this profound work.

The fifth chapter discusses the Eight Consciousnessesincluding the “Storehouse Consciousnesses”. This is a discouraging showing for one of the most important sutras in the East Asian Buddhist tradition, and one of the most concise and illuminating analyses of the human mind in all of world literature.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Retrieved from ” http: Published inthis exquisite volume has sold a mere few thousand copies in four years.

Wisdom of Buddha is a bilingual book; the translation and the original Tibetan text are presented on facing pages. In today’s world, propagation is fax more important than preservation. Chapter seven outlines a theory of textual interpretation in light of samdhinirmocana sutra Buddha’s various teachings, and chapter nine discusses meditation.


Please write feedback here Here you can read media articles about the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia which have been published all over the world. samdhinirmocana sutra

A translation of the same text by Thomas Cleary also appeared in ; it is now out samdhinirmocan print. His translation is a masterpiece. There is a place for everything, including bilingual editions of Samdhinirmocana sutra sutras. Samdhinirmocana sutra says that he relied on five commentaries from the Tibetan cannon for his interpretations and, emanations of the text. Retrieved from ” https: Motilal Banarsidasspp.

The comments offered here are not intended to detract from the surta excellence of this work; rather, I samdhinirmocana sutra made them more in praise of Powers; I wish that he would have allowed his own subjectivity to appear a little more. Part of a series on. samdhinirmocana sutra

Sandhinirmocana Sutra

One of the few things that makes me sad about the Dharma is the difficulty of making it samdhinirmocana sutra to large numbers of people. In an ideal world, Cleary’s translation of the Samdhinirmocana Sutra would samdhinirmocana sutra be in print, and several more versions would have been added by samdhinir,ocana translators. There are two commentaries on this sutra attributed to Asanga, the Compendium of Ascertainments Viniscaya-samgrahani samdhinirmocaa the Commentary on the superior sutra samdhinirmocana Arya-samdhinirmocana-bhasya.

If the title of a sutra can be changed, perhaps samdhinirmocana sutra of the traditional assumptions that we have about translations of them should also be reconsidered. As Buddhism continues to enter the West, we need as many translations of the great sutras as we can get.

All samdhinirmocana sutra attempts have been made that no credits are missed, but with a work of this size omissions may occur.