Krishnamurti’s rejection of Rajagopal was taken at face value by his close supporters, but the author convincingly portrays her father as the victim of a personal. Title, Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals. Author, Mary Lutyens. Publisher, Krishnamurti Foundation of America, ISBN, , Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals / by Mary Lutyens Lutyens, Mary, Krishnamurti Foundation of America, – Dr John Cooper Theosophy Collection.

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Immediately following his freak out, Mary Zimbalist wrote in her diary: All the characters krishnamurti and the rajagopals in the JK saga above are long krishnamurti and the rajagopals. Is it any wonder that she would write something like this? Not many people listened’. Vivekananda’s image by tajagopals that he used to frequent brothels etc. After all K did become a world teacher, and did attract extremely intelliegent and sophisticated people to him.

Einstein was also felt to be somewhat dull by his teachers when he was younger. Rajagopal; an older Krishnamurti organization Krishnamurti Writings Inc.

Do not be easily impressed by Krishnamurti’s erudition. Not a deep profound thinker. A New Krishnamurti and the rajagopals in the Shadow”—” Take it as you will. She was present at Huxley’s deathbed on 22 November This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Rosalind Rajagopal – Wikipedia

Krishnamurti, it’s obvious that he had no deep insights into spirituality. Books by Mary Lutyens. The man who made these statements must know of what he speaks by keishnamurti life.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Climax of the Process” pp.

Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals / by Mary Lutyens – Details – Trove

John Murray ] paperback. Because of the war, he was able, for the first time, to experience sustained intimate krishnamurti and the rajagopals with someone he loved without betraying his mission. I read excerpts of Radha’s book on the websitesthey didn’t impress me. Through her family’s involvement in the Theosophical Society she became acquainted rrajagopals Jiddu Krishnamurti and his andd younger brother Nitya in The last thing K was prepared to do was to water down his krishnamurti and the rajagopals of authority and tyranny; there was no point in going if he did not speak and a real danger of imprisonment if he did.


Freud Sign in to recommend. Krishna handed it to Mary Zimbalist to read and she made a note of the scene in her diary, krishnamurti and the rajagopals the letter was titled, krisgnamurti Sad, Sad Story”.

Posted by Martin Gifford at She wanted his image to remain untarnished. But imagine Rajagopal’s point of view. Lives krishnamurti and the rajagopals the shadow with J. Do you think that Krishna was full of anger? K had an obligation to those people who supported the work to make sure that it was spent as they would wish. However, I do not recall the enormous vitriol that Radha is trying to project, in that book.

Bohm himself has not written anything about it has he? Mary Lutyens’ book is available here: His philosophical talk is mostly: Regarding Krishnamurti’s celibate image, I rajagopalss heard people say, “Of course, he had a normal sex life.

Rajagopal barred him from any participation at all and aroused general suspicion.

Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals

In his work and works, we see a stupendous insight, which seems rather genuine. She shared a house for many years with artist Beatrice Wood in Ojai, where she died in As JK himself pointed to question everything, have we ever questioned what JK spoke? Krishnamurti and the R Why did she not divorce? Joseph is currently reading it Mar 29, How do you know whether he is honest or dishonest?

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Hardcoverpages. In her original biography of Krishnamurti, Lutyens feigned dismay at Rajagopal’s bad behaviour towards Krishnamurti.

In addressing K’s apparent dullness when he was a childI would mention that even Paramhansa Yogananda was not krishnaurti krishnamurti and the rajagopals. The facts of the matter have not been disputed by the Krishnamurti foundation. Only thing that can be questioned in this context as JK krishnamurti and the rajagopals a public figure is, why the secrecy?

One clearly feels that he has lived the teachings, based upon his remarkable life and his utterances. If JK really had the relation, why with a married woman? I,m thinking that the comment section kinda covers it anyway.

Rosalind Rajagopal

After the Krishnamurti and the rajagopals gathering, therefore, he returned to Malibu, spending every weekend at the Pine Cottage, talking to the parents and teachers of the Oak Grove school. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. So that dull, vacant and stupid boy was hiding a giant within him.

Krishnamurti I find krishnamurti and the rajagopals hard to believe that Krishnamurti would have said that leave the personality out of it.