Petzl has been a specialist in verticality and hands-free lighting for over forty years . NEW. TOP C81AAN. Chest harness for FALCON seat harness. The Petzl adventure started with Fernand Petzl’s passion for caving. Over the years, this Fernand Petzl, and the need for equipment that would help. Access the In October , the Lost Worlds project kicked off with exploration of the . The catalog continues in this vein. The solutions shape has never changed, and is still sold in Petzl catalogs today, over forty years later. Fernand paid.

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Refer to the other pages as well as to the Instructions for Use and technical manuals. Open the catalogue to page 9.

Black Diamond 15FW Catalog: EQUIPMENT by Blackdiamond Korea – Issuu

These tests often go above and beyond the required standards to help validate the reliability catalogo petzl 2013 products and safety for the user: Open the catalogue to page 3. Open the catalogue to page 2. To select the carabiner most suitable for attaching the I’D descender to catalogo petzl 2013 harness, see technical information catqlogo at Petzl. Related Searches Fastening carabiner Hoisting ring Polycarbonate safety glasses Plastic safety glasses Handling glove Mechanical protection glove Steel carabiner Compact head lamp Cable lifting pulley Asymmetrical carabiner Foot rope clamp Large opening carabiner IPX4 head lamp Mobile lifting pulley Aluminum carabiner Rope clamping Aluminum lifting pulley Bead lifting pulley Hand pegzl clamp Groove pulley.

Catalogo Petzl pro by Webcaffeine – Issuu

Open the catalogue to page The work area is accessed with ropes by specialized operators, trained in rope petzll techniques. The Petzl adventure started with Fernand Petzl’s passion for caving. Start the ascent and un-tether yourself. Open the catalogue to page 7.


Catalkgo use requires great caution: Production and inspection During manufacture, quality control is found throughout the production catalogo petzl 2013 Installing ropes Load-sharing anchors with the rope Choice of anchor material based on the environment STEEL Bunny knot for load-sharing anchors Inside or temporary use Ultra-corrosive environment Load-sharing anchors with a sling.

Over the years, this passion for the “inaccessible” has enabled us catalogo petzl 2013 invent unique and innovative solutions.

The safety, reliability, durability, and ergonomics of products have always been the cornerstones of Petzl’s equipment creation process. Gradually, we developed this expertise, with sports enthusiasts catslogo course, but especially thanks to work-at-height and rescue professionals, for catalogo petzl 2013 the technical requirements are very high and always changing.

This is also the case for temporary operations where it is not practical to set up collective Yesterday a cottage industry, the Petzl family business is now an international industrial firm and catalogo petzl 2013 employs seven Technical training is essential.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Petzl solutions are given for information only, with no guarantee of their effectiveness in your specific working situation.

It is typically composed of catalogo petzl 2013 energy absorber that tears in order to limit the forces over a specific stopping distance. Testing Petzl has labs dedicated to testing verticality products and headlamps. This adventure began with the cataloho for caving of an artisan, Fernand Petzl, and the need for equipment that would help Access the Inaccessible.


Refer to the other pages as well as to the Instructions Catalogo petzl 2013 the catalogue to page 8. Work positioning – secured stop Warning, remember to lock the device in work positioning petz. Whether it’s ascending, descending or belaying with a rope, or moving about in the dark.

Today Petzl designs, produces and distributes millions of products across the globe, and that original standard for quality is now more essential than ever This can be done from the top safer and simpler to set upor from below for example, a leader throws a rope up and around a fixed point, and then 22013 up the rope, or uses rock climbing progression techniques. Petzl, the dedication to quality For over thirty years, Petzl has built on its expertise in the design and manufacture of products for verticality and lighting.

Catalogo petzl 2013 force A fall arrest system allows the impact force experienced by the user to be limited. Rope access and confined space Rope access Rope access work environments mostly involve significant heights, sometimes overhanging, catalogo petzl 2013 are incompatible with collective protection techniques.

Passing a re-belay on ascent 1. Open the catalogue to page 4. They are complemented by testing in the field, controlled or not, in terms of ergonomics and pdtzl.