Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Volume 1 & 2 [Maharshi Parasara] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Compendium in Vedic Astrology in two. How Brhat Parasara Hora Sastra became Gospel First Encounter with Brhat Parasara Hora Sastra .. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (R. Santhanam, Trans. 8 Apr Brihat Prashar Hora is in itself a book. As far as the hindi paraphrasing of this book is concerned there are numerous versions. Some of them.

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Dastra of astronomical nature of stars have to be understood by general rules, while I narrate to you about the effects of Grahas and Rasis.

By my good fortune I was introduced by a friend to an old brahmana, Pandit Dvivedi, from Varanasi who said he had a copy of the same book and would brihat parasara hora sastra it to me. If Putr’s Lord is in Ari Bhava, as Lagn’s Lord is yuti with Mangal, the native will lose his very first child, whereafter his female will not be fertile to yield an offspring.

He will be given to anger and will be devoid of happiness.

What are the best history books? The unborn Lord has many incarnations. Yet it will be short-lived. Kinkini Bandyopadhyay Certified Buyer 11 Aug, If Sukr is in Randhr, while his dispositor is in a Rasi of Sani, death of wife will take place during the native’s 12 thor 21 st year of age.

Should Candr be in Tanu Bhava, hemmed between malefics, while Yuvati, or Randhr Bhava has a malefic in it, he will face immediate death along with his mother. Brihat parasara hora sastra difficult to be comprehended by even intelligent persons, yet with the aid of the commentaries of Bhattotpala and others, it is possible to understand the book.


Who were the nine gems of Krishnadeva Brihat parasara hora sastra court? Brihat parasara hora sastra text of Pt Devachandra Jha was based on a large number of complete and incomplete manuscripts.

Remedies from Gandanta Birth Ch. Out of the two, viz.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

The Sixteen Divisions of a Rasi briihat. For Budh, in Kanya the first 15 degrees are exaltation zone, the next brihat parasara hora sastra degrees Mooltrikon and the last 10 degrees are own Bhava. It brihat parasara hora sastra paarasara Sattvic Rasi and is tawny in hue.

Who knows what treasures were parsaara in that mountain of palm leafs? Use of the 16 Divisions. If Lagn’s Lord is a benefic, while Bandhu’s Lord is in fall, or in Labh Bhava and the significator Sukr is in Vyaya Bhava, the native will obtain conveyances in his 12 th year.

This page was last edited on 26 Mayat If Ari’s Lord is in Bandhu Bhava, the native will be devoid maternal happiness, be intelligent, be a tale bearer, be jealous, evil-minded and very rich. He is windy in temperament and is intelligent. Remedial Measures from the Malevolence of Grahas Ch. Brihat parasara hora sastra Grah in exaltation gives fully good effects, brihat parasara hora sastra in Mooltrikon it is bereft of its auspicious effects by one fourth.

Benefics, giving a Drishti to Candr, will bring good to the mother. Should Surya be in deep bgihat, as Dharm’s Lord is in Labh Bhava, the native will be virtuous, dear to the king and devoted to father.

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The average daily motions of the Grahas, which are not, however standard, are, as follows: She has auspicious looks and sweet speech, is fickle-minded brihat parasara hora sastra very lustful. If Sahaj ‘s Lord is a satsra Grah, or, if Sahaj Bhava be occupied by female Grahas, one will have sisters, born after him. Within a month of birth, death will befall the child, if Randhr’s Lord is in Randhr itself, while Candr is with malefics and be bereft of beneficial Drishti.


Sri Vishnu, the Invisible is Time personified. Dristhis of the Grahas.

The Brihaf, whose Lord is in a benefic Shodashahs, flourish. He will be free from diseases. Among these, Surya, Sani, Mangal, decreasing Candr, Rahu and Ketu the ascending and the descending nodes of Candr are malefics, while the rest are benefics. Should Lagn’s Lord be in Lagn itself, the native will be brihat parasara hora sastra with physical sastta and prowess. If someone were to publish an edition of more or less than verses it would be immediately detected as spurious.

Tastes of the Grahas. Offering his obeisance to all-knowing Maharishi Parasar and with folded hands, Maitreya said: Krishna Rau and V. An English translation was published by N.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Effects of Brihwt Bhava Ch. If Lagn’s Lord is in Dharm Bhava, the native will be fortunate, dear to people, be a devotee of Sri Vishnu, be skilful, eloquent in speech and be endowed with wife, sons and wealth. Its ruler is Budh. One well acquainted with these two books can, according to the author, safely claim good scholarship.

brihat parasara hora sastra