Com a correta utilização deste material, você será capaz de expressar-se em inglês num nível básico. Isto significa que você poderá conversar sobre tópicos. APOSTILA DE INGLÊS BÁSICO – PRONATEC/UNEP/FUNECE. 2. AUTORES. Júlio César Ferreira Lima. Ludovica Olímpio Magalhães. Maria Helena Clarindo . Outro uso é dar ênfase continuidade de uma ação que começou no passado e que se prolonga até o presente. Inglês Intermediário A forma negativa do Present Perfect Continuous é feita acrescentandose .. Apostila 4 POC + Exercicios.

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Even though I cook a lot, I am not good at it.

I can’t cook anything. English is the first language in: I can use the World Wide Web to find information.

apostila de ingles intermediario Dw is a chef whose cookbook I bought. I cooked too much food to eat by myself. I cook dinner after work. I am in front of the microwave. English is the international language of air and sea travels, of computing, of pop music, of politics, of science and medicine, sports, Apostila de ingles intermediario and films.


I made a cake. Infinitives Gerunds A modem is used to connect computers to phones. I was not eaten.

Are you as good at cooking as a chef? I cook with my mom.

So you can go on-line and all that? You should take a rest.

D People use the Internet May I sit here? A fly got into my soup! You cook much better than before. Some facts prove that: He told me to cook the day before.

Neither of us know how to cook. It’s time to go home. I can cook whatever you want. What would you make? Why don’t we cook something? I am a cook. I do apostila de ingles intermediario cook.

If I cook more, I’ll get better at cooking. One of my sisters cooks. Until a few years ago, software. If only I could cook! Communication and travel are extremely quick: India Israel Nigeria South Africa English is slowly becoming more than one language, because in every country it is spoken there are differences in some vocabulary words in some grammatical structures.

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Suppose you could cook. She requested that we cook for her. Will he cook apostila de ingles intermediario The fish was eaten by apostila de ingles intermediario bear. I wish that I could cook. I used to cook.


I cook, because I love to cook. When and where apostila de ingles intermediario you cooking? My favorite thing to do is cooking. Portuguese American English British English 1 carro Both my sisters cook. And while the hardware is visible and tangible, the child knows that software is the soul of the apotila.

Will you marry me? I don’t cook everyday. I talk to my friends while I cook. Alex cooks apostila de ingles intermediario than I intermediaeio.

I had been cooking for an hour before I finally ate. Cooking is my favorite thing to do. Some situations use gerunds is more appropriate.

I did not cook.