9 Sep ‘Jati Sanchi’ is preferred for commercial cultivation. Agar wood formation depends on the high intensity and frequency of insect infestation in. Cultivated aloes/agar wood. Agarwood, aloeswood or gharuwood is a fragrant dark resinous wood used in incense. Vanadurgi Agarwood India Ltd currently owns and/or manages over 5, plantations. It is emerging as one of the world’s largest groups of agarwood plantation.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Agar wood tea is herbal infusion and made of Aquilaria leaves. Pricing pattern, social-economic dimensions agarwood cultivation per requirement of the concerned state may be further supported by a minimum support price.

agarwood cultivation

If This Tree In Assam Is Cultivated, It Can Lead To An Income Of ₹57 Lakhs!

The cultural biography of agarwood PDF. Deep planting will rot the stem in long run. It can agarwood cultivation be grown in the marginal soils, as well as in the shallow agarwood cultivation over rocky beds with cracks and crevices. CITES also provides that international trade in agarwood be subject to controls designed to ensure that cultjvation and exports are not to the detriment of the survival of the species in the wild.

The agarwood cultivation of this website is to give thorough information concerned with agar wood, and summarize the findings of the state-of-the-art research on agar wood. Aquilaria malaccensis, fultivation Agar tree, is agarwood cultivation product of the religious and cultural aroma of the north-eastern region that has been creating a paradigm shift.

Exploring these alternate natural livelihoods would alleviate poverty by empowering marginalized aboriginal communities.

Email required Address never made public. Large volumes of wood get infected. They are offering minimum procurement prices for local and private agar growers. Addressing research and development for sustainable harvesting would propagate a better structure of agar plantation.


The composition of agarwood oil is exceedingly complex with more agarwood cultivation chemical compounds identified. Based on the rate of infection, these trees are slightly infected, moderately infected, or severely agarwood cultivation. It is formed in the heartwood of aquilaria trees when they become infected with a type of mould Phialophora parasitica. Formation of rules and regulations for harvesting, marketing, industries and trade policies.

Documentation of information on agarwood cultivation distribution and agrawood base. Journal of Tropical Forest Products.

On the raw materials level—trees either uninfected or a lower grade of wood. Such a plantation drive for Agar trees agarwood cultivation not only working to combat climate change and pollution but is creating a agarwood cultivation atmosphere for rain, as well as generating a healthy ecosystem.

Tibetan botanical taxonomy is still in the earliest stage: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Agarwood is mix-planted in farm forestry along timber trees such as teak, mahogany etc. Cover the seedling and chamfer the cimcumference to improve water catchment. Home Contents Photos Achievement Founder. There must be regulation over Agar wood processing and marketing for industrial units. Views Read Edit View history. Chemical substitutes are already available for perfume; these are cheap and constitute the least profitable end of the market.

Stay updated with the latest from Kumar Deepak. Even among infected trees agarwood cultivation method of infection natural or stimulated can have an effect on the compounds in the wood.

Later on, following its success, the crop is spread to various geographical locations of Agarwood cultivation and other Agarwood cultivation Indian states. Natural habitat of agar wood cultivatiin from uncontrolled cultivaton, and as the consequences, some important agar wood-producing trees under a serious degradation. About 67 plantations have taken up the mono-cropping of agarwood by planting seedlings in an acre, in 9X9 spacing, by adopting advanced cultivation and irrigation system.

The main agarwood cultivation force, which initiated this project, was the recognition of unsustainable Aquilaria harvesting in natural forests that resulted in the near extinction of this tree genus in Viet Nam and elsewhere. The success of these plantations depends on the stimulation of agarwood production in agarwood cultivation trees. As a response to the fungal infection, the tree produces a resin high in volatile organic compounds that agarwood cultivation in suppressing or retarding the growth of the fungus.


Flavour and Fragrance Journal. Packages of cultivation, value additions, agarwood cultivation status, domestic policies for growers by the concerned state government. Agar wood is derived from the diseased timber of Aquilaria species of the family Agrawood. Commercial cultivation of agarwood was introduced in agarwood cultivation Western Ghats region of South India by Vanadurgi in the year In Egypt and Japan, Agar wood was used to embalm dead bodies.

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In the wild, the production of this resin can take many years and like a good wine, the older the resin-the more prized it agarwod. Retrieved from ” https: Seedlings require a great deal of shade and water but agarwood cultivation grow rapidly, producing flowers and seeds as early as four agarwood cultivation old.

If This Tree In Assam Is Cultivated, It Can Lead To An Income Of ₹57 Lakh

There is a need to develop suitable strategies to augment its natural regeneration, artificial regeneration and conservation. Like some of other herbal infusions, Agar wood tea contains zero caffeine, zero simple sugar agarwood cultivation other addictive properties. There are many grades of Agarwood oil. Various fungi are agarwood cultivation with agar wood formation although it is still not completely clear which ones make the plant generate the resin.

Phialophora parasitica, Torula sp.