30 Apr After years of promising a Mental Ray tutorial I’m finally getting around to it! 3DS Max before jumping to 3rd party render engines and plug-ins. We’ll be rendering this cool exterior shot of the always classy ’81 Delorean. 14 Jun fellow cg pipol, i’ve been searching the net for quite some time now for an exterior rendering tutorial using 3dsmax mental ray. all tutorials i’ve. 31 Aug An in-depth maya Exterior render tutorial using Mental Ray: another free maya For this first step we need something very light, a heavy scene can .. great tutorial. even tho i am using 3ds max , mental ray i finally got.

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Hope to make all this stuff soon! In the series of lessons, we will explore the various tools, techniques, and procedures that we can use when lighting an outdoor scene in exteerior Max.

I have a couple variations on this with different amounts of glossiness, reflectivity and IOR, but they are basically the same material. Use this parameter to give a more realistic appeal to extefior overall environment, I dislike extreme parameters 0 and I loved the way you used after effects after the rendered image in 3ds max.

3ds Max Lighting and Rendering – Simulating Exterior Lighting

Thank you, John Reply. Values around are advised. Infact the sky is enlighted by the Sun a direct 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial source this light travels and scatters through the athmosphere and finally hits our scene. There are numerous places to grab some free Spherical HDRIs, the trick is finding mfntal resource that also provides plate images shot at the same location so there is complete continuity between plate and IBL.

If you ra familiar with real photography you know that your camera is responsible of many fundamental aspects such exposure, depth of field, grain, white balance and so on The headlamps use a similar glass, but have a bump map for the modeled plastic of the headlamp.

In the future I hope a near future!

3ds Max Lighting and Rendering – Simulating Exterior Lighting | Tutorials | AREA by Autodesk

A Sky Dome is an hemisphere that surrounds our scene. I usually make a base grass carpet and then I place the other plants. My personal approach involves boosting the tay values of the HDRIs from within Max combined with adjusting our exposure values to something d3s like what you would use to capture this image out in the real world. Now, there is a method by which we can completely fix this noise and actually render just a 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial faster!


I jave one question are you able to explain how you created your grass?? Hopefully working fine now!

Also, though not seen in the image below you will want to go in the Advanced. We should have a long lighfing about gamma I correct it very little to avoid unnatural effects expecially in the sky. Kyle began his career in computer exgerior education as a college instructor and worked as a Digital-Tutors rendering tutor and curriculum manager since The more this value, the more visible will be the sun disk.

Maya Exterior render tutorial in Mental Ray (architectural exterior tutorial)

There’s no rules in post production you can do anything you likeI often adjust levels and do some color corrections. By the time you complete this tutorial, you will be much better prepared to overcome many of 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial common challenges faces when rendering an outdoor environment in 3ds Max.

Remember, because we boosted both HDRI maps and Plate our reflections will lifhting naturally balanced as well. I kept the main building and a small number of proxy trees those wireframed cubesjust to give a starting sense to my exterior scene.

Same goes for Vray actually. For the best possible experience on our website, please accept cookies.

We took a first look to Mental Ray Sun and Sky, but there are still a lot of different approaches mad we can use to make great exterior renderings. The default value is 0. Mostly you see this in the headlamps reflector.

It’s something like sharpeness. Don’t compress to much or you will loose all the contrast even if you will recover burned areas.

Exterior Rendering Techniques with mental ray and 3ds Max

The Delorean model can be downloaded from the kind folks at Vizpeople. Accept cookies and close this message Disable cookies. MentalRay mad are so rare and this one is really usefull. Even the reality the camera captures is often only the beginning of the process.


If you hit render you should 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial something of horrible like that:. Yep, you could do that too, but that is overkill via crazy high sampling for the entire image. Use it just as an artistic option. Like the “Sun Intensity” this parameter will not alter the overall light casting, it’s just an apparence setting. Go with a bump map to enhance the level of detail. Hit render one last time and go take a walk or get a coffee or something! I often set the time of the day using the IPR render fetures in Maya, in that way I get an instant feedback of what I’m doing.

For additional details please read our privacy policy. This setup will allow for any pixel math to be correct where as working in 8-bit creates incorrect pixel values. Though this is mostly to save you the hassle of going element by element through the collapsed mesh to figure out what each material is supposed to be.

When tweaking start with 0 reflections and refractions, tune your diffuse channel with a base colorplay with roughness and try to achieve a good looking result with base parameters. Hi Antonio, Thank you for your very nice tutorial. Take a deeper look to gamma speech if you are interested in linear workflow. If you enjoy in creating exterior renders in Maya this simple guide will 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial you understand and use the best tool that mental ray have 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial achieve exterior renders.

That’s what Mental Ray does: Typically I try to stick to 32 and under to avoid longer render-times, but very soft reflections demand high sampling.