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For example, if you were granted a Green Card through marriage to a US citizen but have since gotten divorced, your application for a Green Card may be denied.

I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card

When can permanent residents use Form I? Form N is the Application for Naturalization, another word for the citizenship process. Any alien who fails to comply with [these provisions] shall be guilty of a misdemeanor There is a mistake on their card.

Just Sign and File. We are carc a government agency or law firm. It should not be green card renewal form pdf download upon to reach any conclusion regarding any individual’s situation or case. In the motion to reopen, be sure to clearly state and provide evidence for why your application was wrongly denied and why USCIS should reconsider.

Within six months of the expiration date listed on your Green Card. Sponsor Green card renewal form pdf download for a Green Card. Call Us Full Site. Customer support will assist with technical and billing questions, but will not answer any legal questions. All forms that can be completed online through our site are available for free at USCIS as blank forms with written instructions.

Renew My Dowlnoad Card I Remove Conditions on Marriage Green Card.

If you do cars already have a USCIS online account, we will create one for you once we receive your paper application. The original card that contains the incorrect information; and Evidence documenting your correct name or biographical information. If you have any legal questions, we recommend that you consult with an attorney experienced in immigration law.

Green Card Renewal | Renew Green Card Form I Online

Skip to main content. Call Us Two of the most common reasons rehewal be criminal activity and adjustment of immigrant category. Minor crimes such as speeding tickets would probably not result in a denial of a Green Card renewal application. Customer support will not answer legal questions. G2 I have reached my 14th birthday and my existing card will expire before my 16th green card renewal form pdf download.

Green Card Renewal Form I | Renew Green Card Online

If you are a conditional resident, you must submit one of the following: G1 I have reached my 14th birthday, and my existing card will expire after my green card renewal form pdf download psf. Within 90 days of the two-year expiration date, Conditional Permanent Residents are required to file a petition to “remove the conditions” from their Green Card.

Customer support is for technical and billing issues.

You will receive notifications and updates about your application by mail through green card renewal form pdf download U. You may submit a motion to reopen or a motion to reconsider with the same office that denied your odwnload.

Filing Fees by Application Green card renewal form pdf download We are not a law firm nor a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Your Green Card is an accomplishment, so it’s worth carrying. How to Renew an Expired Green Card? Privacy Policy Terms of Use Contact. Permanent residents also use Form I to request new versions of Green Cards when taking up or leaving commuter status, turning 14 years of age, or because USCIS automatically made them a permanent resident.

If you file Form I on paper, we will scan the documents into our system for electronic processing. Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition.

Conditional permanent residents sometimes use Form I, but not to extend, renew, or remove conditions. Customer support is for technical and billing pdr. However, this is really only applicable to major crimes such as felonies.