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Re arrange the items to fit on the single sheets. You got a big heart! Using your eye protection glasses and dremel hepmet, cut 2 small circles and a triangle from the plastic for the hands and chest piece. There’s no problem if you paint accidentally some area that should be red.

You can use scissors or scalpel. Iron Man has been pepqkura for several animated TV shows and pepakjra. Second body filler layer: Print, cut, fold, glue tape is also usefuland see what it looks like: Iron man 3 helmets pepakura files The first layer should be only resin ont he outside of the helmet. DarkSideSumthin April 12, at 6: Many people have been inspired by this kind of model of suite and iron man helmet pepakura pdf download trying to create it.

You’ll need a PayPal account to tip watsdesign.

Pepakura IronMan helmet by watsdesign – Thingiverse

Every number goes to the same number. They should overlap for 1 or pdpakura cm after changing the size, so just drag and drop them back on the sheet. If you want to convert iron man helmet pepakura pdf download to A4 you can use the pepakura designer. Don’t smooth it if you want to do pep. Say thanks by giving watsdesign a tip and help them continue to share amazing Things with the Thingiverse community. How to Create a Batman: WM helmet is too tall?

Guys the password is to redesign the parts and you cant do it because requires a password. Please be positive and constructive. For the chest light, arrange several LEDs 15 in iron man helmet pepakura pdf download piece of cardboard, and secure with hot glue.

Cut the Fiber Glass mat in small or big strips depending on the part size.

First body filler layer: It is a paid software, but If you can afford the 25 bucks and plan to do more costumes this is should be iron man helmet pepakura pdf download good investion! Is easier repair big or deep imperfections with body filler rather than Spot potty because of the drying time.

In the real Iron Man helmet the ears are not just a simple circle, but on the paper base they are. Sand it using the grit Sandpaper. Apply sandable primer to all the parts 2 layers Let it dry at least mins.

Jan 18,3: As you can see there are two of every numbers ont the parts. The shoe now should support a person. Thanks for iron man helmet pepakura pdf download download file of Iron Man.

Using the squeegee, apply body filler all over the part to give some body trying to let a smooth finish, let it dry some minutes time depends on the amount of catalyst until it is perfectly solid. Twisted6 View Profile Latest Posts.

How to Make a Lifesize, Wearable Iron Man Helmet

I added about 3 hlmet and sanded after each layer. As regards to the dotted fold lines, are they all folded the same way and how do i distinguish between which bits fold which way.

After that you don’t msn them. You can scarth the plastic using sand paper. I used Trinat filler, which is a one component, resin based filler. Using the squeegee apply one very thin layer of Spot Putty to all the surface, as thin the iron man helmet pepakura pdf download is, the fastest it will dry.

I think the helmet looks great, and somebody with skill can modify the little details that need to be done to look like the movie one, thanks a lot for sharing with us, its a nice base to work on, dpwnload download it pepaiura since im on my ipad right now, take care.

Change the Size to A4 4. Last edited by gimpee; Oct 30, at 6: John Kill August 4, at 8: Clean up iron man helmet pepakura pdf download dust with the wet rag.