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Protection may be impaired. The probes and wires are of the same quality, as you would find with other cheap digital meters. T o dt830d digital multimeter manual pdf download false readings, which could lead to possible electric shock or personal injuryreplace the batteries as soon as the low battery indicator ” ” appears.

Therefore, the next highest setting is 20 V; hence you need to move the selector to that position.

Remember to place the multiketer in series with the circuit. Any instrument found defective within one year from the delivery date and returned to the factory with transportation charges prepaid, will be repaired, adjusted, or replaced at no charge to the original purchaser. Refer to the manual. Before you use the meter, inspect the dt830d digital multimeter manual pdf download.

It is highly dangerous to measure the current without the series load. Owner’s operation manual for series. Check the test leads for c ontinuity.

The current and voltage can be either AC or DC. Is it AC or DC? Connect vt830d common test lead before you connect the live test lead. The DTD Digital Multimeter is a basic tool, which anyone with an average intelligence would be capable of using.

This is one of those meters where you will need to think first to determine what you are measuring.

DT830D How to Use Instructions

Do not use the meter if it is damaged. When measuring current, turn off circuit power before connecting the meter in the circuit. Replace damaged test leads before you use the meter. Are you sure you want to continue?

DTD How to Use Instructions

When in doubt, have the meter serviced. Remove them from Saved? Do not use the meter if it operates abnormally. Close Dialog Are you sure? Due to the un-fused shunts, and the resistance in the probe wires, I would recommend not using this meter for current measurement, because it is easy to damage it, and then you will need to look for a service manual.

Dt830d digital multimeter manual pdf download warranty does not cover dt830d digital multimeter manual pdf download items such as batteries or fuses.

Obviously, it is going to be a DC voltage because this is a battery. The mV setting is too low, because that is multimetet a maximum range of 2 V. Dangerous voltage may be present. Sign multiimeter to vote on this title.

In the latter case, the transient stresses are variable; for that reason, its necessary that the transient-withstand -capability of equipment is made known to the user. Downloar the test leads from the meter before you open the battery door. Dt830d digital multimeter manual pdf download is for measuring voltage, resistance, and current in the mA range.

Use with caution when working above 30V ac rms, 42V peak, or 60V dc. Examples are measurements on circuits not derived from mains, and specially protected internal MAINS-derived circuits.

Are you sure you want to delete this list? Also remove everything in this list from your library.

3.5 Digit 8-Function Multimeter with Signal Generator

For downllad measurement, you need to use the socket marked 10A, however please note that there is no fuse protection, and if you pass more current through it, then damage will dt830d digital multimeter manual pdf download. More From John G. If you have a good pair dt830d digital multimeter manual pdf download probe wires, then it might be better to use your own wires in which case you may be able to get better performance.

Do not apply more than the rated v oltage, as marked on the meter, between terminals or between any terminal and earth ground.

Pay particular attention to msnual insulation surrounding the connectors Inspect the test leads for damaged insulation or exposed metal. Are you measuring voltage, or current? Before use, verify the meter’s operation by measuring a known voltage. Do doanload operate the meter around explosive gas, v aporor dust.

When you disconnect test leads, disconnect the live test lead first. When using the probes, keep your fingers behind the finger guards on the probes. Such voltages pose a shock hazard.

The maximum current you can measure with downpoad setting is mA. In which range do you expect this? Example If you wanted dt830d digital multimeter manual pdf download measure the voltage on a 9 V PP3 battery, then you need the voltage setting. If the defect has been caused by a misuse or abnormal operation conditio ns, the repair will be billed at a nominal cost.