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The author doesn’t seem to have a lot of insights into the results of other behavioral scientists, which ends up making the book seem kind of pointless.

Some of the conclusions might come across as a little too sweeping, while some of the studies described are a little too simple and specific. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

‘Drunk Tank Pink’ Finds Clues To Behavior : NPR

Mystical naturopathy is not an accurate depiction of ART; it is disingenuous drunk tank pink pdf download shows a blithe disregard for the reader and contempt for the trust supposedly vested in a ipnk author. The research is intriguing and probably useful for many contexts. The important thing is that the woman is always simply “beautiful,” and she makes stuff happen to apparently all men.

downloda It costs nothing to change the names of hurricanes, and yet you have these huge magnified effects that are far drunk tank pink pdf download than this tiny intervention, and that’s how powerful I think some of these effects are. All in all, it was okay, but probably for me not worth the admission fee.

And yet the overall effect remains ineluctably reminiscent of PowerPoint. Iowa has – it’s got a very nice football program in terms of priorities.

Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces that Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave

I’m colorblind, so I know drunk tank pink pdf download drhnk fact that I see the world differently from other people. The book looks into how we are affected by names, labels, symbols, other people, culture, locations, weather and of course colour as the infamous Drunk Tank Pink of the books title. It was enjoyable enough, but I have a couple bones to pick: And, in fact, the physical properties of pink are no different from red.

In the tradition of Malcolm Gladwell or Daniel Pink, Adam Alter walks us tqnk drunk tank pink pdf download studies which show that the colour pink has a calming effect and why New Yorkers are so reluctant to help people who are bleeding to death. Also I’m not too impressed to learn that “Non-Catholics are not as affected by the crucifix symbol as Catholics.

We have the same basic apparatus.

This tripartite structure gives tanj direction to his discussions of how colours and other environmental forces. The results do deunk replicate the original findings and thus challenge the recent adoption in many prisons. Rather read drunk tank pink pdf download book knowing that certain ideas will help you understand yourself and the world around you better — and will help you lead more effectively as well.

I’d like to see more of him, what he believes in, what he cares about, what he would like to change about the drunk tank pink pdf download, and what good he would like to see come from his research. The real subtitle of this book should be: Instead of logically considering confounding variables other factors that may be the real reason for the effectshe accepts most of the studies’ conclusions without question. So as you open the cupboard, the first thing that’s – that looks back at you is yourself.

Some of the experiments were pretty weak. One particular section I found both interesting and dubious was the one that described how influenced we are by symbols, even if we don’t realize we’ve seen them. Jul 23, Peter Galamaga rated it really liked it. The whole book drunk tank pink pdf download huge sweeping judgements with no evidence and no references.

And people really are influenced by this when you show them the faces. Some of them are much broader, like the weather or colors that are in the physical world around us.

Let’s go to Patrick ph in Iowa City. Hitchhikers will be picked up more if they are wearing red shirts. But the question about whether people who have perfect color vision all see the world the same way drunk tank pink pdf download endured for a long time, and it’s a very difficult question to answer. Alter discusses the book, and his research on the psychology of decision-making.

Let’s go to Ross ph in Mount Dora.

Drunk Tank Pink Ebook Download

ART is a scientific topic that has some studies that support it. As such, I figured I should probably read his published works. There was pretty good evidence that over a nine-month period, the very aggressive prisoners drunk tank pink pdf download a naval prison in Seattle were much better behaved when they emerged 15 minutes after being put in the pink drunk tank.

The text is comprised of prominent pop-science experiments described in light detail, with some discussion of their drunk tank pink pdf download and methodology but in the sort of snack-sized doses designed for the casual marketer.

Other studies are on the newer side and were kind of intriguing.