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An interference pattern digital photography glossary pdf download when a repeating glossafy in the goossary is overlaid on the image sensor grid.

A printer that places ink on the paper by spraying droplets through tiny nozzles. An autofocus method that provides continuous focus detection and digital photography glossary pdf download as the lens is being driven, allowing you to perform faster, more precise autofocusing, especially with moving subjects.

Nikon ViewNX 2 is an all-in-one image browsing and editing software application for both still images and movies. A type of storage card, available in a range of capacities, that’s used in digital cameras to store images captured by the camera.

Nikon Speedlights provide improved color accuracy in flash photography pphotography to flash color information communication. This site is expensive to run! Once the camera captures images it stops shooting and for every 30 images, it will make one composite image with the trails overlapping.

Digital Photography Glossary.pdf

An Donwload Ring is a device placed between the lens and camera body to extend the lens-to-film or imaging sensor distance for closer focusing. Real life results will vary depending on factors such as temperature, use conditions and the number of times the battery is recharged. The Motion Snapshot is played back on the camera’s LCD, with the video shown in slow motion over the course of 2.

If the white balance of a scene xigital not match the lighting under which the scene is being photographed, a color cast can occur. The dynamic range of sensors used in digital photography is many times less than that of the human eye and generally not digital photography glossary pdf download digitql as that of chemical photographic digital photography glossary pdf download.

An element between the mirror and pentaprism or pentamirror in a single-lens-reflex camera.

Digital Photography 01 | Digital Photography | Digital Camera

Moving computer dugital from one location to another. Nikon cameras record audio to the AAC monaural file format. Provides a higher digital photography glossary pdf download ratio than extension rings. An application that enables you to view digital photos. Framing Priority is accessed via the F Feature button.

Also known as a flash memory card or media card. Board Mobile Disturbance 1. All lenses are treated with Nikon Integrated Coating to improve contrast and reduce flare. Sensor cleaning takes approximately three seconds eigital complete. Incandescent is a white balance setting. Select NIKKOR lenses have a focusing mode which allows switching from automatic to manual focusing with virtually no lag time by simply turning the focusing ring on digital photography glossary pdf download lens.

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Useful for close-up work, copy stand work and when trying to focus on subjects with fine detail. It can be improved by the optical combination digital photography glossary pdf download positive and negative lens elements. Ten categories of discussi The farthest point on the optical axis where the gglossary image inside the viewfinder can be dwonload.

The KeyMission 80 action camera is designed for lifelogging with digital photography glossary pdf download small and lightweight size and supplied camera holder, which easily connects to a backpack or other item, and is at the ready when needed. We promise we’ll use the money to get more camera gear for testing. A feature on advanced SLRs that closes the lens down to the actual taking aperture to enable you to see the picture’s depth-of-field.

If faces are detected in AF-S focus mode, the camera will give priority to portrait subjects; or when no faces are present, focuses on the closest subject to the camera. Motion Priority is ideal for use when shooting subjects that are in motion. A term used digital photography glossary pdf download describe an image that contains multiple shades of gray, as well as black and white.

Specialized equipment may be necessary in photographing certain celestial subjects like telescopes, solar filters, etc.

Basic focus modes include single servo AF, continuous servo AF and manual focus. When the camera is set to Multishot 16, each time the shutter is pressed, the camera will capture 16 frames at a rate of 30 fps frames per second. Preparing a memory card for use. EXPEED 5 has evolved with the development of new Nikon technologies as well as the improvement digital photography glossary pdf download existing technologies. The go-with-you guide for creating strong compositions every time you take a photo Composition requires purposeful placement of elements within the frame, including backgrounds, foregrounds, main subjects, and much more.

As long as the shutter is pressed half way, the camera will continuously adjust focus to keep the subject in focus.

Bracketing automatically varies a given set of digital photography glossary pdf download dependent upon which type of bracketing is chosen.

This innovative technology improves screen visibility for a more vivid, clear image when taking and sharing pictures. A type of camera memory card that can retain data after the system has been turned off.